Alternative Medicine

Alternative Wart Treatments

Since warts are the result of a virus, Dr. Daniel DeLapp, an associate professor at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Ore., says that boosting the immune system can be an effective way to fight warts.

Herbs such as lomatium and astragulas, olive leaf extract and thujy oil have been known to improve the immune system, DeLapp says. But the most effective way to maximize your body’s ability to fight infection, he says, is to eliminate all refined sugars from your diet for at least a month. “Even children, when faced with the other treatment options, are willing to try to give up sugar. They usually see results within two weeks,” he said.

Other ways to strengthen your immune system are to take vitamin C and A and herbs such as echinacea.

Both DeLapp and Dr. Janee Steinberg, medical director of the Advanced Cosmetic Laser Center in West Fort Lauderdale, Fla., say they have also had success with hypnosis.

“There’s lots of documentation for hypnosis that our bodies have energy we can tap into to fight infections,” Steinberg said. “For instance, I treated a 2 year old who had warts all over her eyes, face and mouth. I couldn’t bear the thought of putting her through the discomfort of surgery, so I decided to start with hypnosis. I told her I was giving her a special cream. She was to put it on her warts each night and say, ‘Warts, please go away.’ She surprised herself and me when she came back two weeks later and all the warts were gone. They have not recurred.”

Steinberg has also had positive results with Cantharone, the juice of the blister beetle.

Or you could always try Mark Twain’s method of burying a potato in your yard, among one of the hundreds of other old wives’ tales, such as rubbing the wart with a green banana peel, garlic or castor oil. It certainly can’t hurt.

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