Anti-Aging Medicine

Amino Acid HGH Release Precursors or Secretagogues

Several nutrients have been shown to raise hgh in both old and young subjects. Most of these are amino acids, which are building blocks of protein. Their advantages are that they are safe, well-tolerated, cost  $3. – $8. a day and are available without a prescription from most full line health food stores.
Research on human growth hormone has consistently demonstrated fat loss & muscle gain.
Low HGH levels are consistent with muscle wasting & fat gain.
Improved sleep and endurance are among expected changes associated increased HGH levels.

The basis for boosting the Growth Hormone level is the use of  agonists or HGH releasers.  These are substances that stimulate the endocrine system to increase growth hormone secretions.  This Growth Hormone Enhancement Program is optimized with the use of these agonists, dietary control and a comprehensive exercise program.

All of the supplements recommended here are natural and do not require a prescription in the United States.  Many are available in full-service health food stores.

The amount of Amino Acids that are necessary to match the medical research is measured in grams not milligrams.

The minimal stack is 17 grams of aminos & nutrients.

My pre workout stack is 28 grams of amino acids & nutrients.

This enhancement program entails nutrient stacking.  What this means is that the supplements individually have effect on Human Growth Hormone secretions.  However taken together they are synergistic, or their combined effect is greater than the sum of the parts.

No carbs or fat & the Amino Acids are not complete protein.

Differences between the formulations are noted in Red Bold.
Basic HGH Secretagogue Stack
3 gms L-Glutamine
4 gms L-Arginine
2 gms L- Ornithine
3 gms Glycine
250 mg Niacin ( B-3 )
500 mg Vit. C
2 gms MSM ( organic sulfur )
12 grams of amino acids per serving
Deluxe PM Stack .. night time, pre sleep..
3 gms L Glutamine
3 gms GABA
3 gms Arginine Pyro Glutamate ( extremely expensive )
3 gms L Lysine
250 mg Niacin
500 mg Vit C
2 gms MSM
12 grams of aminos per serving
Optimum Morning / Pre Workout Stack
5 gms L Glutamine
3 gms Glutamine peptides
5 gms L Arginine
3 gms L Ornithine
3 gms OKG ( expensive )
3 gms Glycine
3 gms BCAA ( Branch Chain Amino Acids )
1 gm Tyrosine
500 mg Niacin
500 mg Vit C
2 gms MSM
26 grams of aminos per serving
We use no magic ingredients or “secret proprietary ingredients”.
Much HGH advertising seems to be based on the ” if you cannot convince them confuse them ” philosophy of advertising.
Our product is developed straight from the Medical Research.
The ingredients are available to the public in bulk ( ie: you ).  Unfortunately not from one supplier, we are forced to use 5 wholesale distributors to obtain the proper ingredients.
The technique for mixing your own secretagogue stack is offered on this site.
Our formulations are offered for sale for those who want the highest quality ingredients, formulated to match the documented & published medical research.
The amount of expensive ingredients is considerable in each of the formulations.