10 Positive Health Affirmations for the New Millennium. Part 2

Wacker said he helps shape his future by saying an affirmation that he borrowed from the Indian chief Tecumseh that acknowledges the new day and gives thanks for its light and sustenance. He says it aloud, in front of the mirror, each morning. To develop your own affirmations, he said, “You have to get to…

Managing Chronic Pain. Part 2

Disease-specific drugs Imitrex and the newer drugs in its class, Zomig, Amerge, and Maxalt, stop the transmission of pain in migraine headaches by acting directly on the facial nerve that studies have shown to be the main cause of the headache. Side effects include tightness in the chest and occasional difficulty in breathing. A new…

Managing Chronic Pain. Part 1

Pain specialists consider chronic pain to be the most costly health problem in America today. In terms of medical expenses, lost income, and lost productivity, the total cost easily passes the $60 billion mark. Low back pain alone accounts for 93 million lost workdays each year.

Acetaminophen In Children

Is it safe? Since its approval as an over-the-counter remedy in 1960, acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol, Panadol, Tempra, etc., has been a mainstay for pain relief and fever control. Health professionals and the public have come to think of acetaminophen as such a safe and effective drug that it’s given to children more…

Study Questions Biofeedback for Headaches

When it comes to controlling migraine or tension headache pain, the behavioral therapy biofeedback may offer no added benefit to standard pain management, a Massachusetts researcher reported here at the annual meeting of the American Neurological Association.

Medication and Children. Part 2

In nursing school we were taught that before giving any medication to a patient you must do the ” 5 Rights” — always check the The right patient The right dose The right route of administration The right medication The right time

Medication and Children. Part 1

When your little one gets sick, it’s never fun administering medication. Here’s advice straight from doctor’s office! While this article primarily pertains to medication and children, a great deal of the information is also very pertinent to adults.